Services and Results

"Pressing" is a procedure that employs the use of pressure and heat to remove or reduce in severity, various defects found in comic books, magazines, and similar paper products.

Since 2007, I have pressed thousands of comic books from across the ages. Below is my simple, flat-rate (regardless of item value) pricing for pressing services, along with a selection of "before and after" photos, to give you an idea of what my pressing service can do for you.

Comic Book Pressing Rates:

  • $12 for comic books published 1980-present (10 business day turnaround time).
  • $25 for comic books published 1979 and prior (10 business day turnaround time).
  • Need something pressed quickly? "Same-Day Express" is available for up to twenty comic books! $50 per comic, regardless of publication date. 
CGC Grading Rates:
  • All clients are eligible for 5% off CGC grading costs if submitting through me.
  • Paypal is preferred.
How do I submit my comic books?
  • Please, contact me for details at

Click below gallery to enlarge "before & after" images.