Learn to Press

If you are a serious "high-volume" or "high-dollar" collector, why would you want to spent perpetual amounts for someone else to press your comic books? DIY: do-it-yourself.

American Comics and Collectibles is now offering the "ultimate pressing service" in that you have the ability to learn the entire pressing process, the intricate details necessary to score the highest CGC grades possible and methods that only a small number of professional pressers will know. The information and experience gained from the tutorial service will stay with you and grant you the ability to generate many, many tens of thousands of dollars in added revenue or collection value. American Comics and Collectibles is the ONLY professional pressing service that offers clients the opportunity for unconditional and complete know-how of comic book pressing.

The cost of the tutorial is $1,500. For your $1,500, you'll work with me for a full day of pressing (up to 8 hours) where you will gain hands-on experience and guidance from me regarding all aspects of pressing. We'll press as many comic books of as many different eras and formats as we can within that 8-hour period. You will see the equipment and techniques that I use in the American Comics and Collectibles pressing service. As well, you will have life-time consultation from me regarding any specific questions regarding pressing in the future--just shoot me an email and I'll be there with an answer.

If you are a serious collector, don't rely on others to press your comic books. DIY: do-it-yourself.

Contact me for details!