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Movie Review: X-Men: First Class

Posted by Stephen Solomon on Friday, June 17, 2011, In : Movie Reviews 
X-Men: First Class

It should be said right at the beginning that this is a comic book movie that should be viewed and appreciated at face value, and not compared to any other X-Men movie or X-Men comics. All of the characters are very different than they are in the original comic lore. Essentially what the movie creators did was take the basic character elements (powers and basic persona), and started from scratch on everything else. The only character that was somewhat true to the established...
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Back Issue Review: Uncanny X-Men #191

Posted by Stephen Solomon on Saturday, April 23, 2011, In : Back Issue Review 
Uncanny X-Men #191

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: John Romita Jr. & Dan Green
Editor-In-Chief: Jim Shooter
Publishing Date: March, 1985

Let me start by saying that this issue is undoubtedly a departure from the normal X-Men stories. There are no Sentinels or half-witted street toughs for the X-Men to knock around. The opening splash shows Spider-Man beaten, bloodied and shackled. The reader is thrown into the storyline right away; no back-story or foreshadowing. I have to admit that it makes for...

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