It seems to me that given the dates this collection covers, that there would be many collections that could equally qualify as a pedigree collection. 1967 might be a tougher year to find high grade material, but certainly starting in 1968 and onward, there are plenty of high grade books to be found. The collection does consist of 4,000+ books, so maybe its high quantity gives it a leg up over other collections of similar quality.


The Oakland collection is a rather large collection that surfaced in the late 90’s (at least 4,000 books), of mostly high grade superhero books from 1967 to 1972. Some of the more notable books include a very high grade copy of Silver Surfer #4 (CGC graded at a 9.4). Many collectors consider this collection a “warehouse find” as opposed to a pedigree collection.

This collection obviously originates from the city of Oakland, California. The original owner purchased the books from a local liquor store in exchange for racking the books for the store. He was always careful about how he handled the books, and being the first one with access to the books he was privileged to have the first crack at taking the copies he wanted. He actually wore gloves and used a clean towel as a place mat when handling the books outside of the store. The collection surfaced at Wonder Con in 1998, and three months later was purchased by two dealers; Mike Carbonaro of Neatstuff Collectibles primarily.