X-Men: First Class

It should be said right at the beginning that this is a comic book movie that should be viewed and appreciated at face value, and not compared to any other X-Men movie or X-Men comics. All of the characters are very different than they are in the original comic lore. Essentially what the movie creators did was take the basic character elements (powers and basic persona), and started from scratch on everything else. The only character that was somewhat true to the established version was Magneto. The movie was be accepted as its own interpretation, set apart from traditional continuity.

Overall, the movie was very good. Magneto (Michael Fassbender) stole the show. Magneto was portrayed not as a "bad guy", but as a vengeful man who was essentially an "anti-hero". In my own mind, Magneto was the most rational character. The Magneto in this movie detailed very well that he was a character that would "take it" to his enemies just like they did to him, or worse. That is how I have always view Magneto, and as a result am very pleased with the onscreen portrayal.

Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) was also very well done. I think there was more freedom in creating the "young Xavier". To my knowledge, the young Xavier had never really been explored, so it was very free to interpretation. He was actually characterized as a sociable, cunning and fun-loving young man, instead of the arch-bookworm (which is how I envisioned him). I very much enjoyed the interpretation.  As for everybody else...don't expect too much. Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) Moira McTaggert (Rose Byrne) and Emma Frost (January Jones) were the only other characters that I thought were well done. The X-Kids and the Hellfire Club goons, I did not care for.

The overall story was fairly well done. Using the Cuban Missile Crisis was a good idea, and was well-executed. There were certainly story elements that were quite lacking, such as "Angel" going from being one of the X-Men and partying it up like it was Animal House, and then instantly being converted into a bloodthirsty enemy. She's trying to kill the X-Men...but wasn't she just partying with those kids at the frat house a couple of days ago? Things like this are prevalent towards the end of the movie. Nonetheless, as a "whole", it is a good story.

I'd give X-Men: First Class a 7/10.