The Massachusetts collection is a high grade collection of Marvel, DC and Gold Key books. The collection spans from 1961 through the mid/later 1970’s. Massachusetts books are typically found in the 9.4 (NM) range, and are known for having white pages.

The Massachusetts collection surfaced in the summer 1993, when the original owner (Dennis Richard) advertised a high grade collection of Gold Key books such as Doctor Solar and Magnus through ads in “Comics Buyers Guide”—also known as CBG. At that point Marnin Rosenburg called the listed number to inquire about the collection, and in the end purchased the run of Gold Keys from Richards without having seen them in person. Rosenburg later received the books, and was so pleased with their quality that he called Richards again to ask if there were any books remaining—there were. Rosenburg purchased runs of Marvel and DC books from 1961 to 1969.