The "Diamond Run" collection was revoked of its pedigree status by CGC in 2007. That alone makes this collection interesting.

Diamond Run

 The Diamond Run pedigree is one of the more unknown collections around. What is known is that it is a high grade collection of Golden and Silver Age Marvel and DC books. The collection spans from at least the late-1930's (as a Detective Comics #29 is presented in the collection), through the Silver Age.

The collection has cranked out some fantastic copies of major Silver Age keys. The Amazing Fantasy #15 (CGC graded at a 9.4 with off-white pages) from the collection sold for $122,000 in 2004. Also from the collection is a Journey Into Mystery #83 (CGC graded at a 9.0), an Avengers #1 (CGC graded at a 7.5), a Daredevil Annual #1 (CGC graded at a 9.4), a Detective Comics #29 (5.0/VGFN) and a Captain America #75 CGC 9.0.

 The original owner of the collection is adamant on remaining anonymous to the public. It is known that the owner was at one time involved in the comic industry--most speculate as an editor. At least some of the Diamond Run books have been sold by Joe Latino out of Connecticut who in an email with another comic collector out of Victoria, Australia maintains that, “The (Diamond Run) collection is historically important not only for its size and condition but also because of who the owner was.”  The message was concerning an Avengers #4 where he went on further to say, “The Avengers run was one of his favorite(s) and he almost kept the No. 4 book because he believes that it is the most important book in that run...the Return of Captain America was viewed by him as...the most the Silver Age. This run was bought off the stand...and then stored for the last 35 + years.”

Due to findings in 2007, CGC decided to remove the Diamond Run from its status as a pedigree collection. It was decided that there were too many restored books, as well as too many books that were not original owner purchases. While CGC cannot alter books not in its possession, if Diamond Run books are resubmitted the Diamond Run designation will be removed. 

Thanks to Bob Storms for providing some information on this collection.