The second installment in my information regarding comic book pedigree collections concerns the "Circle 8" pedigree collection. Some people don't consider this to be a true "pedigree" collection; some view it as a warehouse find. Personally, I do consider it a warehouse find as well, but do agree that CGC should consider it as a pedigree collection.

Circle 8

 The Circle 8 collection is an extremely large collection that spans the dates of 1950 to 1975. The collection numbers approximately 90,000 books, with multiples of many of them such as four copies of Avengers #1, five copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1 and between five and ten copies of all Amazing Spider-man books from #10-40. This can be seen to a greater extent with the books from the 1950s, as there are sometimes up to 200 copies of certain issues. Due to the extreme size of the collection, it is noted by the collection’s founder that it is likely the collection’s current market value is likely ten million dollars or more. Below is an Amazing Fantasy #15 from the collection. Unfortunately it has "slight professional" restoration which includes color touch, re-gloss and trimming.

The collection’s original owner was a Tucson resident by the name of Edward Kerber. Kerber would acquire such large quantities of books because he would buy newsstand overages and collections. The collection got its name because Kerber wrote a circled “8” with grease pencil on a small amount of the books. The collection surfaced in 1989 (although purchased in 1991), after it was discovered by “Bulldog Collectibles” owner, Gregory Buls.